Dharma-inspired practices

Meditation isn’t new. It has been practices around the world in many different cultures for millenia and practices such as mindfulness and compassion practices have their roots squarely within the Dharma (the teaching of Buddhism). These practices honour these incredible teachings; sympathic joy being a vital route to letting go of envy and jealousy and instead enjoying the success or wellbeing of others, enhancing your own wellbeing, relationships and your own ability to thrive, no longer tethered by envy, judgement or bitterness. Metta practice is a beautiful practice that helps us to connect to feelings of warmth and friendliness we can feel towards those we love and enlist those feelings to help us to be in better relathisnip with ourselves, with strangers and with the more difficult people we know. It widens the heart and our capacity for love, compassion and connectedness. It personally helped me overcome social phobia, fear of public speaking and anger. More Dharma practices will be uploaded soon.

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