Corporate talks and courses

I have delivered talks and courses in many settings, including Google, Time Warner, Grazia magazine, Etsy, University of Westminster, Westminster Council, Loreal, Splash Damage, PI, and Crussh juice bars. 

Cultivating compassion in the workplace

Responding compassionately to employees improves their performance and loyalty and creates an atmosphere that is safe for learning, collaboration, and innovation. People connect better to others when they are cared for themselves. Safe working environments are strengthened by showing compassion to one another.
Mindfulness for everyday health

Mindfulness is becoming an increasingly popular tool to help people manage busy lives and even busier minds. This talk (or 6 session course) provides an introduction to the science of mindfulness and easy, yet powerful mindfulness practices and will help your team develop focus, clarity, better decision-making, compassion and stress resilience.



For most people, their combined mobile phone and computer use can exceed 12 hours per day during the week. This session will help your staff to develop a healthier relationship with technology, improving creativity, resilience, collaboration, stress levels and physical/mental wellbeing. 


Nutrition for everyday health

Interest in healthy eating is growing rapidly amongst the public with an increasing understanding that eating well means improved immunity, decreased stress levels, more energy, and better focus.


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